I love to taunt men and play with their egos.
It’s addictively empowering

Welcome to the domain of Goddess Penelope, London Dominatrix.
As you read about your Goddess and as you gaze upon My perfect body you will have no choice but to give into your lust, your desire and your need.
Those feelings are there to tell you to give to Me, and so you will…
Read My Rules, and Learn them FAST

Get On your Knees

Goddess Penelope London Dominatrix, Phone Domination, Online FemDom

I am here to teach you how to be a better man

So that you may stay you must leave behind your ego, arrogance and any other pathetic male traits you may have and hand over your body and mind to Me.
This is all about Domination and submission…My power over you and your willingness to submit to Me. Read My Rules at the bottom this page and learn them fast...

Goddess Penelope

Do you have what it takes?

Goddess Penelope London Dominatrix, Phone Domination, Online FemDom

A D/s relationship is built on trust and compatibility as with any other relationship…I do like to get to know My slaves their likes and dislikes, as each boy is different. I enjoy slaves that are into longterm servitude, although the odd flitter every now and again is always fun too! Being able to stand the test of time and endurance is very important, you have to be strong mentally as I will rip you to shreds, tearing at you, breaking down those layers, until you submit to Me.

Are you 100% serious about submission? Anything else is not even worth considering.


you Need to Know, Before you Go Any Further

My Rules - Learn Them Fast

If you EVER want to earn the chance to serve Me
here are a few rules that you have to follow to submit to Me.

  • I come first
  • Honesty is extremely important
  • you will be respectful at all times
  • My needs/wants/desires come first
  • Tardiness will NOT be tolerated 
  • D/s protocol is VERY important
  • you must always address Me as Goddess or Miss

My slaves HAVE to be at My feet at all times, on your knees, loyal, respectful, be aware of protocol, there at My beckon call, willing to do anything I wish at anytime I wish and of course I understand that you lead your own lives and your circumstances will be taken into account, but when I say something I mean it e.g if I give you a task to be completed by Friday…I will NOT accept it on Saturday and therefore late tax will HAVE to be paid.

Only a select few are lucky enough to call themselves Mine…Property Of Goddess Penelope – London Dominatrix, so get on your knees and submit to Me.

Goddess Penelope London Dominatrix, Phone Domination, Online FemDom
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