• Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

Clip Preview: Making You More Gay By The Day

Making You More Gay By The Day

I’ve made this clip for you to watch everyday. You already have gay tendencies, they’re already within you, you just need a bit more coercion and you’ll be a fully fledged gay boi.

I want to take total advantage of you, so I’m going to groom you into the perfect gay boi. I’m going to teach you how to be a submissive bottom boi having your asshole gaped, your tonsils tickled and your eyes watering from deep throating huge cocks.

I want you ready to have your dirt hole penetrated so deep – stretching it open, filling it full of hot cum, on your knees having a load after load blown deep into you. I want you to have a sore ass, you’ll learn to love that feeling, you’ll start to see that as a badge of honour. When you can’t walk for days, you’ll remember what a slut you’ve been and it’ll instantly make you horny and hungry for cock again. I want you to know that this clip is making you more gay by the day.

I want you to enjoyed being shared as a submissive bottom boi, for guys with huge cocks to share and use you as they want…I want you to feel used and like a dirty fag, I want you to crave it that feeling.

You’re a cock hungry slut, you’re cock hungry whore and you love it.

This clip has an intox-fantasy trigger, which you can huff, drink or whatever whenever you hear the trigger. Those of you that aren’t into intox-fantasy, you can watch this clip too as it’s not the main priority

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