• Tue. Mar 5th, 2024
Goddess Penelope Pornocidal Loser

You’re an addict. I get it. I understand. I understand because I’m an addict too. We’re the same but… also different. Very different. Whereas you’re addicted to porn, to being a pornocidal loser, to jerking your cock to whatever porn you can get your grubby little hands on, I’m addicted to watching you spiral out of control. I’m addicted to giving you just the push you need to become completely consumed by your porn addiction. So hurry up and buy this clip so we can both get our fix. I’ll exp0se you to a carousel of porn and you can jerk off to that porn while I verbally rip you to shreds. I’ll even make a game of it. A little game of tease and denial. You can (and will) jerk off as I tell you what a pornocidal loser you are – a weak, addicted beta freak beating his meat to the only thing that gets you off… porn and humiliation… humiliation and porn – but don’t you dare cum. Not yet. Not until I let you. IF I let you. I want you on the edge, on the brink of orgasm. I want you throbbing, twitching, leaking, begging, pleading. Show Me what a pornocidal loser you are. Give Goddess Penelope what she wants. Let Me feed off of your desperation. Let Me drink it in. Lol. You’re such a fucking loser. Video contains PORN ADDICTION ROLEPLAY, VERBAL HUMILIATION, MIND FUCK, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION, TEASE AND DENIAL. Runtime: 9 minutes.

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