• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022
Take Your Medicine

It’s been a couple of months, since Nurse Penelope has done her rounds on your ward, and unfortunately your health has taken a turn for the worst. Your notes say that you’ve been having hallucinations. Of Course the only way to get over such ailments is to Take Your Medicine.

At night when you’ve been trying to go to bed, you’ve been seeing a demon who wants to fuck you, and with everyone of your orgasms she lives longer as longer. She starting to haunt your dreams every night, and you can’t work out what is real, and what is your imagination anymore…it all seems SO real!

Nurse Penelope tries to convince you that none of this is real and that its just your imagination, and the only way to cure you is by upping your dose of medication (Poppers) , moving you to solitary confinement in a padded cell and strapping you to your bed, so you’re bound tight and you can not harm yourself and others around you.

The only way to get through your days now, is by being on your meds, Nurse Penelope is taking good care to make sure you have enough, but the more you take, the more you see the succubus, she’s there even during the day now…

The hallucinations don’t stop, in fact they get worse, and something is not quite what it seems with the cute and lovely Nurse Penelope, in fact she is actually evil…REALLY EVIL.

Her plan all along was to get you addicted to your medicine, so she can keep you as her helpless victim forever – it’s a vicious circle…one you’ve fallen in and never getting out.


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