• Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

Clip Preview: You Ooze You Lose

You Ooze You Lose is an intox fetish clip which is a challenge, a game of endurance of who can stand the test of time.

I’ll be coercing you to take poppers, over and over again, getting you really fucked up and heady.

This time we’re holding our breath and doing countdowns, so you get REALLY fucked up -just how I like you, on the edge, weak and ready to cum!

I know what gooner boys like you love, what gets you off – I’m teasing you constantly teasing and making you stroke your cock…BUT you are NOT allowed to CUM…you know what happens if you spunk your load? Find out in the clip! –


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One thought on “Clip Preview: You Ooze You Lose”
  1. The clip that started it all for me. hehe. Great edging and aroma clip to get you feeling fuzzy and edging all night 🙂

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