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Fetish and Kink Enabler

I am Goddess Penelope, Professional London Mistress. As a professional Dominatrix, I see Myself as a fetish and kink enabler – allowing you to be the person you want to be and helping you to explore parts of life that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to – escaping the stresses of the real world.

I have been dominating men professionally since around 2007, when a friend of Mine (a male one at that) mentioned a new kink called financial domination to Me…I thought that the idea sounded absurd, why would men give their hard earned cash to women they don’t know?
Well of course, I wanted to test the waters to see if it really was a thing, low and behold the gifts and tributes started flooding in.

Well I make that sound easy, don’t I? But in reality it takes great skill to extract cash and gifts from someone that you have never met before, its more of a game of psychology and being able to “read” the sub/slave across a messaging service, however this is something that I became very skillful at and enjoy doing, it takes a great amount of intuition and knowing what triggers someone in order to have that amount of power over them. That sort of power exchange is very much a turn on and something that I enjoy very much, I adore having that control over a man, and it takes a damn sight more than just shaking your ass in the camera to gain that.

Professional London Mistress

Embracing the World of Kink

The progression of online Financial Domination then moved onto becoming a Professional London Mistress, something that was natural to Me as I have always been kinky and dominant in My own personal life – however gaining years of experience learning what makes men tick mentally has turned into My own secret weapon.

Whether it’s with My words or My actions, I adore having men give themselves to Me. There’s just something about a grown man on his knees willing and waiting to feel the wrath of what I’m going to do to him next – whether it’s the sharp sting of a slap, or scornful words that are meant to hurt. That’s what excites Me and gets My juices flowing.

I am forever learning, forever evolving which makes Me a better Woman and makes Me a better Dominatrix for you to submit to, as soon as you have contact with Me, you’ll soon become enchanted and addicted to Me, Goddess Penelope your Professional London Mistress.


On a Personal Level

My parents are from the beautiful tropical island of Mauritius, that’s where I get My exotic looks from and  almond eyes that are like dark captive pools that you can’t escape from, however I was born and raised in London – this background means that I’m intelligent/intuitive, streetwise, independent and very aware of My surroundings and people.

I have many sides to My personality – happy, positive, sexy, sharp, witty, dominant, cute, geeky…it just depends which mood I’m in and how you approach Me. I’m very much a people person, I’m very inquisitive and love to ask questions and find out about people…when I enter a room people tend to gravitate towards Me, and My charms. I love to laugh and try to find the good in most circumstances.

I’m naturally a bit of a bully, and as I love to laugh this in turn means that I absolutely LOVE humiliation, this is something that has always been with Me from an early age…yes I was a bit of a bully at school, but also had lots of friends amongst the cool kids and the geeks, as I shared interests in various things – much like now, I can hold a good decent conversation with most people from different walks of life about almost any subject.

Within the wonderful world of kink, I feel like I am My most authentic self – I’m very creative, and this allows Me to conjure up some excellent plans for sessions, making Me the perfect creative London Dominatrix.

Besides kink, I like to always keep My mind ticking by learning new things. I have a keen interest in creativity be it digital, interior design, making garments etc or my own personal style. I also love to let My mind escape when watching movies of most genres, in particular sci-fi. I also love to keep My body fit by weightlifting…I know, you’re now imagining Me in tight lycra, you perve!

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