New Louboutin’s and other stuff…

I honestly have no idea where the time has gone during lockdown, does it seem to fly by for everyone else, or is it just Me? I feel like the days go by so quickly. I have to write a daily schedule, just so I can keep on top of Myself and get any tasks done…however sometimes I am easily distracted…

Last week I was speaking to one of My subs, and asked him to do a little bit of research for Me, I had seen a pair of patent shoes, with deadly 20cm gold metal spike heel that I simply needed to know where they were from and he had to find out – naturally when he found them, the next task would be to purchase them. They arrived two days later.

>When the shoes above had arrived, I sent a thank you pic to My sub…however a couple of days later he had remembered another pair of shoes that I had desired so badly – Christian Louboutin So Kate heels in yellow. We spoke about them for a while, then I could’t take it any longer – now I REALLY needed them, and he HAD to buy them…he asked whether it would be ok to wait until payday the following week, of course not! The new Louboutin’s arrived the next day!

New Louboutin’s

Now I have A LOT of shoes…like about 300 pairs (in fact most probably more, its a huge problem for Me!) I haven’t counted for years, but these are most certainly My favourite pair now! And of course, a latex dress to match has been ordered and is on its way to Me….sooooo excited!

I also made said sub an gift opening video of the new Louboutin’s which I sent to him personally, and a can also be seen free for My subScribers on My AVNStars

I have also had some fun on AVN, I love getting new subSCRIBERS on there – and since they’ve signed up and paid for their subSCRIPTION I answer all DM’s received etc, they get exclusive content and far more interaction with Me on there, than on any other site. I have received a few nice tributes on there, a few treats from My amazon wish list and another latex dress on its way! I’ve have had lots of fun teasing subs!

See HERE to spoil Me

New Clip Updates

Want to know the secrets of how to please Me and how to be the perfect Penelope Puppet?
Grab a seat, put that cock away, because this is ALL about Me.
The only way you can please Me is with the other thing that you have thats about 3inches long – your credit card. you’ll need to spend a certain amount on Me before you can earn your orgasms.
I don’t want you spending any money on yourself – I might give you an allowance each month, but the rest is going on Me and My lifestyle.
I want to keep you constantly edged and then locked away in a little cage, so I can make you weak and eager to serve Me, because I’m going to be the centre of your life to give you some purpose.
I’m so perfect, what more could you possibly need ever. I hope you’re competitive, because you’re not the only one that’s trying to get My attention…so you have to try hard to earn it.
Available below:

Zapping Piggy’s Balls

There’s nothing I love more than inflicting pain on My piggy’s cock and balls…after all they’re fucking useless to Me, so I may as well get some fun out of them.
In this clip I’ve attached My favourite dog shock collar to his balls for My amusement. I absolutely relish in delight in every single one of his yelps…, constantly turning up the intensity of the shocks to his cock and balls!
He’s off his head on aroma and is asking Me whether My hot boyfriend would love to shock his balls too, of course he would…watching piggy suffer is SO much fun!
Available below:

Stay alert, stay safe and spend loooooots of money!

4 thoughts on “New Louboutin’s and other stuff…

  1. Hello Goddess,

    Love reading about you and learning more about you. I’m so happy that you got the shoes that you wanted! They look lovely and so do you as per usual <3.


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