Hey losers, I’m back.

It’s been 8 looooong years…

Well it must be about 8 years since I last graced your screens with an insight of what’s going on in My world, I know some of you have missed Me – lots of you have told Me, and shown Me (£££), and to those of you that are new to My world, welcome!

I’m back with a new website, though I want to keep it quite old school, and have a blog. From what I can see now days, that most people seem to have Fan sites (I also have AVN, sign up in the right hand column, if you’re on your phone, scroll to the bottom of the screen)…but I still love to have a blog and ‘place of worship’ for you drones to visit.
If you fancy a trip down memory lane, you can go HERE to see content from My old sites (My blogs are still live there)..if not below are some screen grabs of how My sites had evolved through, out the years.

For the past couple of months, I’ve sitting back observing how the Financial Domination scene has change, one thing hasn’t though – men are still as stupid as ever! Can someone please explain to Me the point of a “catfish Domme”? Back in the day there used to be a thing called an “Insta Domme” (this has nothing to do with Instagram), this was a “Domme” that would basically get called out for being a fake…from what I gather a “catfish Domme” is the same thing, but losers know this and get off on the fact that they’re totally being ripped off? Ha! Honestly, you losers never seem to amaze Me with your stupidity!

What I’ve been up to…

Following My return to the online domination scene, I’ve had quite a bit of fun – before the Covid-19 pandemic kicked off I filmed some ball busting and trampling content with Sadistic Queens and Trampling For Fun, we had planned further shoots, but unfortunately lockdown started and we are all staying safe at home, hopefully when this is over we’ll get back to filming more shared content.

Some old time subs who were happy to see Me back have bought gifts and sent money to show their gratitude, which of course was lovely. I’ve also had a few interactions with some new subs which have been interesting also.

I’ve been filming lots of new content, and updating My clip sites as often as possible – and will start to release new content on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (put a reminder in your wank diaries). I’ve been using Clips4Sale, IWANTCLIPS and AVN – where you can find a wide range of content including JOI, CEI, foot fetish, ruined orgasms, latex fetish, SPH, financial domination, cuckolding amongst others – if you would like to request a custom clip, please see more details HERE.

I did an interview with Domme Addiction which , if you’re desperate for some more content you can see HERE

Lockdown activities

Since we’re all in lockdown, you must be so bored in quarantine, and those wanky hands must be getting restless, so here are some things you can do to keep Me and yourself £nt£rtain£d.

I have an AVNSTARS fan club, where you can see on the go updates from Me, see pay-to-view messages and receive tasks. My content varies from kinky to personal – you need to subscribe to get the good stuff…also note that I don’t have a gallery here on this website , if you want wank material you need to sign up to AVN and pay for it.

I’m being more active with phone domination…and some of you losers have been keeping Me quite entertained which is making My days go quicker! My lines are usually active Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm (GMT) see more details HERE .

I’m also doing online Skype sessions – if you would like to gaze upon My beauty, and to see Me to laugh at how pathetic you are GO HERE and complete the application.

In the meanwhile, stay home, stay safe, and spend looooads!

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