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Penelope's Poppers Puppets

As a Domme I love the use of poppers during My phone domination sessions, online sessions and real time BDSM Sessions in London, I love how weak and horny they make you, turning you into the perfect Penelope’s Poppers Puppets.

Every time you reach for that little brown bottle and take a huff, you lose a little bit more of your dignity, making you even more slutty for My use, which I love. You’ll do almost anything I tell you, when you’re out of your mind on poppers, aroma, room odouriser whatever you want to call them.

I use poppers quite a lot with My subs, and as we know trying to remove the lid with hands covered in lube, can often be a challenge!

Here are a couple of accessories that will hopefully help with that issue:

First up is the Enfettered Adjustable Aroma Kit £84.99 – this is a brilliant piece of kit for you poppers affectionados.

Here’s the low down:
Enfettered Adjustable Aroma Kit with Respirator mask set. So simple and effective but looks as delicious as it smells! Black beauty anaesthesia mask and tube, attached to a 3 litre rebreather bag, medi t-piece fixed into the adjustable aroma pot. On the top of the aroma pot a three leaf design with holes allowing you to control the amount of aroma received. The pot can be filled with aroma soaked cotton wool, or a set of aromatic socks, stockings or knickers! its endless in possibilities!

The second accessory would be ideal for those of you that have limited space (or your hiding your stash from the missus), and are on a budget.

Aroma Intensifier Nozzle £7 from EBAY – this is a great little accessory, as you don’t have to keep fiddling around with lids etc…just hold to your nostril and huff!

-Benefits of using a nozzle
Intensifies aroma.
‘Angel’ designed with coverable ports for reduced evaporation and flow control.
Reduces the chances of skin contact and irritation.
Helps reduce spillages.
Custom designed for easy use and comfort.
Keeps thing easy so you can play hard!

Penelope’s Poppers Puppets Intox Custom Clips

If you’re unable to have a FemDom Intox Session with Me either by phone, online or in real life, I also offer the option of custom clips, which you can direct yourself – to order your very own poppers/aroma custom clip from Me, please GO HERE 

Please note that I am in no way affiliated with either stores which these products were purchased from, I just think that they are amazing products, and wanted to share with you.
When taking poppers please make sure you are in safe, controlled surroundings and that you take them safely.

Happy Huffing
Goddess Penelope

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