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The Year that Was 2020


Jan 10, 2021

The Year That Was 2020

I was thinking the other day, about how much of a happier place I’m in right now, in comparison to this time last year. So I thought I’d write a blog telling you a bit about the year that was 2020.

A year ago I was in a job that I really loved at first…but slowly started to hate and resent, I worked directly under the CEO and the MD of a media company, who practically drained Me of any creativity.
I’d been there for 2 years and thought it was time for a change. I would spend My days thinking of ways out, job searching etc. One thing that always  stuck in My mind was how much I hated these two bell ends who were My bosses and how much I loved Domination (One of my first clips back on the scene was actually what I would’ve  like to have said to them before, I left – see here).

I then started to remember how fun and how creative I could be within the realms of Domination. I conjured up a plan – I would give up My present job and after 8 years away, I would return to the fetish scene, though this time I would concentrate purely on being a real time London Dominatrix, and less online Financial Domination activities.

At the end of February last year, I’d handed in My notice. I had enough money saved to support Myself until I established Myself as a Dominatrix. I was so excited and thrilled at the prospect of getting out of this job.

At the beginning of March, there I was packing up My desk at work and walking out of the doors for the very last time, I felt ecstatic/relieved/excited thinking about the future and all the fun I had ahead of Me. I had photo shoots booked in to get started on promo work, and some filming collaborations.

Goddess Penelope Financial Domination Femdom

The Inconvenience of Covid

Since January there was constant news about Coronavirus spreading, though people were just carrying on with their daily activities. I went along to one of the photoshoots I had booked, and that evening the government had declared a national lockdown, meaning that everyone had to stay home, putting a massive halt to My plans. I hadn’t quite considered a global pandemic sabotaging all of My ideas, so now I had to rethink, and fast.

The Come Back

After 8 years of sitting dormant, I decided to reopen My Financial Domination Twitter account. I found it quite daunting seeing how much the scene had changed, there were an untold amount of Financial Dommes, and so many new Dominatrices. That wasn’t the only thing that had changed, the way subs/slaves interacted with Dommes had changed too, but that’s something I’ll come back to possibly in another blog.

It seemed as though the whole scene was just content, content, content – fan sites, images, clips etc. Now, I’m not gonna lie, back in 2007-2012 when I was in the FinDom scene, I was lazy as hell and would take pictures or film clips when I felt like it, but still had a stable of subs cater to My every need. Though now it seemed as though I had to up My game, to even stand a chance of being noticed.

Creating Mini Immersive Experiences

Reconsidering My previous plans, I had some work to do! First things first, I had to open an IWANTCLIPS account, as that seemed to be the most popular clip store, and I also, opened an AVNStars account, I still had My Clips4Sale store active. And so now to create content! I started filming regular point and shoot POV humiliation, joi, spitting, SPH, foot fetish style clips. I then saw some green screen content which other producers had created and I felt inspired. I felt like I wanted to create something a little different, so I bought My own green screen. We’ve all been stuck in our houses for a long time during lockdown, so I wanted to create a sense of escapism for the viewer and for Myself. I wanted to create mini immersive experiences with little themes, so that the viewer can get lost and forget how mundane the real world is right now. I  also have a genuine love for poppers (mmm that rush) having played with them quite a lot from going clubbing to My own private play time,  so I know how euphoric and exhilarating they can feel. I wanted to involve them a lot in My clips, these seemed to pair perfectly with Mind Fuck, corruption and manipulation, which I’m very good at – I had created the perfect formula for Myself.

I’ve become somewhat of a content producing monster, filming a few times a week…constantly editing and releasing new clips every Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Also taking pictures constantly so that I keep My AVNStars fresh and relevant, which seems to be paying off.

Starting off as a new content creator on these sites was a bit of a minefield, I’m constantly thinking of new creative ideas, and obsessing over the Top Lists.
I gave Myself some small goals to reach for 2020:

  • Earn more money than I was  in My previous job – I do, and more!
  • Produce 100 clips on IWC  o that I can receive My vanity domain by 1st Jan 2021 – The clip I released on December 31st was My 100th clip and I have My vanity domain.
  • Aim to be in the IWC Top Creators List regularly – I have been for past few weeks
  • Be in at least the top 50 on AVNStars – I’m currently top 10

BDSM Sessions

Unfortunately in person BDSM sessions have been few and far between this year, due to lockdown restrictions in England. However when the restrictions were removed briefly, I had some fantastic bookings, and loved meeting some new clients. Lots of fun was had, in particular with My feet – you boys can’t seem to get enough of them.
Hopefully more play can continue eventually, once the world has gone back to “normal” again.
Though in the meantime while we wait for that to happen,  why not book an Online Domination Session, Phone Domination Session, or PTV Session.

Thank You

Despite 2020 being a crazy unpredictable year, I’ve managed to make the most of it by being productive and working non-stop. I love what I do, and hopefully that shows through My work, and the interactions I have with people.

I’d like to say a big thank you to My personal slave thingy (he keeps changing his name, so this is what I call him now, because I can’t keep up!) he’s such a good supportive slave, and always helping Me strive to be the best I can, and looking after Me.

A big thank you to lb, for not ever being a pain in the arse, and spoiling Me with latex, Louboutins and other amazing gifts, making sure I always had something to look forward to during 2020.

And a big thank you to everyone that has bought My content and sent Me tributes, I really appreciate it and I hope you continue to support and enjoy My work. And thank you to the Ladies to continue to inspire Me with your amazing hard work and creativity.

Goddess Penelope Louboutins

Here’s to crushing My 2021 goals…though I’m not saying what they are…yet!

Goddess Penelope London Dominatrix, Phone Domination, Online FemDom

Goddess Penelope London Dominatrix, Phone Domination, Online FemDom

Goddess Penelope London Dominatrix, Phone Domination, Online FemDom

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