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Financial Domination has and will ALWAYS be My favourite fetish. It gives Me a very powerful feeling to have control over a man’s finances, to be spoilt and to never want for anything.

Knowing that said man places My happiness above everything else, he will sacrifice his lifestyle and treats, so that I can have whatever I desire.

I like to work very hard, and I expect My financial slaves to do exactly the same. How else are you going to be a good slave without a good work ethic?

Giving to Me is very addictive, you want to feel useful and you want to have a place in My world.

Once you start to sacrifice your needs for Mine, you’ll be longing for appraisal from Me, which I give – if its earned.

My Financial Slaves

If you have read the rest of My site, you will know what My style of domination is like, I’m a playful, empathetic personable Domme and this is just the same within Financial Domination. I like to be fun, firm but fair with My slaves.

I want My financial slaves to want to give to Me, we both have to reap pleasure in it otherwise its no fun, and it has to be fun – right?

I like My Financial slaves to learn what I like, and to know how to please Me. To do this you will need to use your initiative and communicate with Me. As I’ll do the same with you.

I like My slaves to be tolerable to say the least, I do not like slaves that are negative or drain My energy.

Always remember that there is only One of Me, but lots of you – lots of willing slaves ready to spoil Me, so I expect you to be a beneficial accessory to My life – is that understood?

Goddess Penelope Financial Domination

The Rush of Financial Domination

The rush and thrill that you receive from Financial Domination is unlike anything else, buying Me gifts or sending Me tributes is nothing like anything you will ever experience.

It’s exhilarating, fulfilling and you’ll want to do it over and over again. Earning more and more of My attention, until you’re craving it all the time. And obviously the more you give, the more you earn and you’ll want lots of it. As much as I want your money, you’ll want My undivided attention.

Gifts and Tributes

One of the ways you can make Me happy and make yourself known to Me, is to buy Me gifts or send tributes to fund My lifestyle, this could be any amount and I have wants that range from all costs. But remember you’re earning attention here, so you want to impress Me, don’t you?

I absolutely ADORE receiving gifts, however I know that you probably need some guidance with the best ways to spoil Me, luckily I’ve made it very easy for you, I’ve put together a little list of My favourite ways I like to be gifted.

Top tip, always buy gifts that you *know* I like, not what you think I might like, I’m very fussy and only like certain things, and do not like receiving junk for the sake of it.

When buying any of the gifts below, should you want to add a note so I know who its from, please do not put anything kink related as a lot of the sites are vanilla sites and this could be flagged.


My username is £GP23x

Send Tips


Gift Cards to be sent to penelopeprofanity@gmail.com

If you’re considering bringing a gift to Me during a real time dominatrix session in London, some of the things I adore are:

Flowers the more colourful, the better

Prosecco or clear Spirits

Footwear – anything from Louboutin’s to Converse


Gym wear


If you would like to book an Online FemDom Session Go HERE