• Tue. Mar 5th, 2024
Clip Preview Aroma Anonymous

You’ve had enough of theat gooning lifestyle and now you want time to get your life on the straight and narrow, so after months of thinking about it, you’ve finally arranged a visit to Aroma Anonymous.

When arriving at Aroma Anonymous you meet your peer mentor Penelope, dressed in a smart black blouse and leather skirt. Penelope asks you all the vital questions…however she encourages you to take her ONE STEP PLAN.

It’s not long before she’s stripping off her clothes, and leading you down the road to relapse – coercing you to take aroma, and making you pump your cock to her tits!

This is how Penelope’s One Step Plan works, if you cum whilst watching this clip, you are Her P0.ppers Puppet forever, and if you don’t cum then you’re free to live your goon free life.

But I think we both know what the outcome will be…it feels too good to deny yourself a bit of sexy indulgence.

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One thought on “Clip Preview: Aroma Anonymous”
  1. Another great aroma clip, but with a relapsing tease. Really fun one starting it out as a ‘support group’ but ends up just supporting your aroma habit even further hehe

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