• Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

Clip Preview: DIAGNOSIS: Addicted to FinDom

Goddess Penelope Financial Domination

Recently you’ve noticed that you’ve started forming a habit, and you’ve booked an appointment with your GP as you’ve heard that she has an excellent record with assisting addicts.

GP calls you into her office where she sits at her desk dressed in a black satin blouse, and a leather skirt, she tells you you come in gives you a consultation which you tell her the usual scenario you go through every time you’re horny, which all comes back to findom.

She reassures you that she has seen many cases similar to yours and tells you to undress as she wants to experiment on you. 

She wants to see how hard your cock gets, and so she tells you to send Her $50 which only gives you a semi, as She expected…it’s not enough to turn you on.

She starts making bigger demands, seeing you get harder and harder. The bigger the demands, the more aroused you are.

GP then encourages you to stroke, as she wants to know exactly what’s going on with you and your habit, and it seems as though the more you send, the more you sacrifice, the more useful you feel, and the more erect your cock gets.

She says those two words that every financial sub longs to hear “Good boy” – which triggers you. 

She asks if you want to cum while you’re in her office, she already knows the answer…you love paying to cum, it’s the only way you know how.

GP comes to the conclusion that your Diagnosis: ADDICTED TO FINDOM

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