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Clip Preview: Pump 4 Penelope


Apr 27, 2021 , ,
Goddess Penelope Poppers Mindfuck Goon Loop

There is no beginning, middle or end in this mind fucking goon loop. 

You’re here with Me on a mind melting journey down the rabbit hole with no escape – though you don’t want to escape, because here is your favourite time and place, with Me guiding you to take aroma and pump your cock endlessly for Me, your Goddess.

I understand you and I understand that you’re addicted to porn, that’s why I’m here for you. I’m here to fuck your mind so you are just a cock pumping drone, addicted to stroking and gooning for Me.

You don’t need your mind anymore. It belongs to Me now. Pump 4 Me, Pump 4 Penelope.  

Sit back, turn the lights off, put your headphones on, grab a bottle and enjoy, all night long

There are lots of flashing lights in this clip so please beware.

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