• Tue. Mar 5th, 2024
Goddess Penelope Your Gay Secret

I am so good to you. I’ve always been there to help you indulge in your secret cock cravings. Your girlfriend has no idea about this side of you, does she? But I do. And now I’m going to nudge you past the point of no return. Once you’ve sucked your first cock for Me, there’ll be nothing holding you back from living out all your gay fantasies. Don’t look so surprised. We both knew this day was coming. Straight porn hasn’t excited you in years. Femdom porn was just a gateway, an excuse. “It’s not gay if a hot woman is encouraging me to suck cock for her”. Oh, but it is.

This “c0erced bi” lie of yours isn’t convincing anybody. Not Me, and not you. You don’t fantasise about big, thick, meaty dick filling your holes because I’m telling you to. You do it because nothing else gets you off. You do it because you’re gay. Gay for man cock. Lol. It’s okay though. I can keep a secret. I won’t even tell your girlfriend. I want you to open a Grindr account for Me.

I want you to take this obsession with cock to the next level. I want you to send me proof. I want to know that your slutty little mouth is being pumped full of jizz by men you’ve met online. I want your cheeks so stuffed with cock and spunk that you start to look like a hamster. I want your arsehole leaking cum every time you bend over. And I know you want this too. So why fight it? Just do as Goddess says. We both know you want to. Video contains GAY PORN FANTASY, ENCOURAGED BI, SLAVE TASKS, HOMEWRECKING FANTASY. Runtime: 10 minutes.

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