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Mentioned in the LPM Flog Blog


Sep 17, 2021
Goddess Penelope Flog Blog

Gooners and losers. You know I love it when you spiral down the rabbit hole of right-handed obsession I’ve laid out before you. I always have lots of shits and giggles producing My fetish clips for you to gnaw your bit over, and take great pleasure in knowing that you’re indulging yet again in another intox-fuelled session.

Online is the place for you to get a hit from your favourite addiction, and for Me to get creative in finding ways to fuck you all up with immersive drone-inducing fetish content – something that has been picked up by London Professional Mistresses who have included your Goddess in their Flog Blog article for Online Domination in 2021

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“The creative spin She puts onto twisted little fantasies should be pinned on the internet wall of fame”. You heard it boys. Keep indulging those little cocks over My mini media clippery and I’ll keep slapping you right back to planet goon with that fresh material you crave. 

As for LPM, I do love seeing a different spin on Fetish culture, with articles written and featuring other Mistresses in London. I’ll soon be featured in other areas of their Flog Blog so I look forward to updating you all on my next insert. In the meantime don’t stop the beat. You go hard or go home. 

Goddess Penelope. 

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